Welcome. Al-Anon and Alateen are fellowships of those who have been affected by someone's drinking.  We share our experience, strength and hope with each other.


We understand as few others can.


You are not alone.


Al-Anon meetings are a safe place where you can be with others who really understand - we have been there too and will share our experience, strength and hope. Anonymity is our spiritual foundation enabling us to share without fear.


View the Meeting Finder page for a quick view of area meetings and use the Meeting Detail by Day for more information.  We are meeting electronically, face to face and everything in between.  A Newcomer's Packet is available to answer questions and provide more information about who we are.


Email Help@ToledoAl-Anon.org  or

call 855-607-5223 (24/7) to receive a response from an Al-Anon member


All meetings are non-smoking and all are open to new attendees

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855-607-5223 to receive a call back from Al-Anon member