Al-Anon/Alateen books and pamphlets supplement our meetings. These items contain principles, stories and encouragement which can be used
as a daily reader or by topic using the index in the back.  Typically meetings have these resources available at cost.
Resources are available online from WSO (World Service Office) at  Select a category from the list along the right.

The Answering Service will respond to a call 24 / 7 and forward the call to Al-Anon members to call back.


The Ohio web site has a state meeting directory as well as more information about the program of Al-Anon and the 12 Steps.
The international website has information for media and professionals, as well as members and the public. Sample Al-Anon material is available.
Email us to receive a response from an Al-Anon member.
AA (Alcoholics Annoymous) Toledo Office


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