How to Start a Telephone Meeting

To better serve our groups in the NW Ohio area, Districts has established a conference call line to enable people to participate and even host a phone meeting even if they have only a landline phone.  The goal was to be as simple as possible.
To HOST a meeting, please read the attached information and contact me at for the host code.  Each meeting needs a host.
To JOIN a meeting that someone else is hosting, call  760-548-9655 
See the  "Get Acquainted Sheet" to explain how this works for a host and a "Starter Script" which may be handy for anyone chairing any sort of electronic meeting.  This system  does not scheduled in advance.  Hosts dial in and start the meeting when they want.
Do you have to use this service? Absolutely not.  If you're interested in using Zoom or some other service, go right ahead!  This is just a starting point for groups who want an easy-to-use option.
Any questions or ideas for improvement, please email  Also reach me for the host code to start your conference call meeting.
Get Acquainted for Telephone Meeting Hosts
This document is the "how to" for hosts to understand how the telephone conference line can be started and kept quiet and clear. This is just one of many conference call options, you may certainly use any one that you want.
Districts Telephone Meeting Get Acquaint[...]
Microsoft Word document [16.5 KB]
A starter script for anyone chairing an electronic meeting
This document is drawn from regularly scheduled telephone meetings. It is a bit different to chair a meeting over the phone - needs a bit more organization. The script offers options to keep the line quiet and the meeting organized.
Districts Telephone Meeting Starter Scri[...]
Microsoft Word document [22.3 KB]

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