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Service Profile KBDM
Ohio Area Al-Anon has been working on improving the process by which those in service positions are vetted - more info on who is handling our information and our resources. This KBDM has organized the thoughts on this matter.
2019 Profile KBDM. profiledocx.docx
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Ohio Area Conference Service Profile Form
Ohio Area Conference has done an analysis on what information we need to gather on the people who fill our service positions, handling our resources. See associated KBDM.
2019 Service Profile Form Final.docx
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2020 Al-Anon OH State Convention in Fairborn (Dayton)
Mark your calendars for the 2020 Ohio State Convention. Good fellowship, leads, panels and program!
2020 save date Al-Anon OH Area Conventio[...]
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Application for Position on Board of Trustees
Application for Position on Board of Trustees
AFG, Inc - Board of Trustee Opportunity.[...]
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