Al-Anon is supported in NW Ohio by the Districts of Toledo organization.  In monthly meetings, representatives from area groups coordinate services such as schedules, the telephone/text line, this website and literature distribution.


The Districts of Toledo is organized into officers, coordinators (one man services) and committees (multiple person services).  We invite you to reach out to us on issues specific to NW Ohio Al-Anon.


District Reps - supports groups within Districts 6, 10 and 30. (Numbers assigned by Al-Anon State organization).


District Reps will help you contact specific groups or answer questions about group information. Any email goes to all three DRs: 

District 6 Shelly

District 10 Lindsay

District 30 Mary


They can be reached at 


Secretary - holder of Districts' information.  Issues minutes of monthly meetings.


Tammy will help you get copies of minutes or other group documentation.  She can be reached at


Treasurer - Manages Districts' funds.


Roin will help you get reimbursements for expenses and answer questions about group contributions.  She can be reached at


Literature Coordinator - orders Conference Approved Literature on behalf of groups and individuals to take advantage of lower shipping costs.  Stocks of commonly used books and pamphlets kept on hand; brought to Districts' meetings on request.


Amy will place orders on your behalf and arrange for pick up.  She can be reached at


Announcement Coordinator - publishes monthly announcements and distributes them to groups via email.


Nancy will include announcements for your group; Cost is $5 per month that the announcement is run.  She can be reached at


Schedule Coordinator - publishes and distributes paper schedules quarterly.


Kasha will update schedule content.  She can be reached at


Archive Coordinator - maintains historical records of Districts and groups within our districts.  Keeps materials used for Al-Anon display table used at health fairs and such.


Steve will supply materials for the Al-Anon table at public events.  You can also forward to him material relevant to archives.  He can be reached at


Entertainment Committee - sponsors district events such as picnics and children's parties.


Mary will coordinate events and answer questions regarding upcoming events.  She can be reached at


Alateen Committee - sponsor Alateen meetings and events.  Alateen meetings are designed for teens ages 13 - 18 who are affected by someone's drinking.


Rose will answer questions about Alateen meetings, and the resources available for teens.  She can be reached at


Public Outreach Committee (POC)The purpose of the Public Outreach Committee is to inform our community of the existence of Al-Anon / Alateen as a resource for families of alcoholics, always remembering it is a program of attraction versus promotion.

Primary emphasis communication: 

What is AlAnon

We are working on six areas:

  1. Placing posters and literature in public places like schools, libraries, grocery store bulletin boards, etc.
  2. Making public service announcements available to the media.
  3. Participating in community public forums by providing a display booth or speaker. 
  4. Providing information to the professional community including doctors, lawyers, clergymen, law enforcement officials, social workers, counselors, teachers, labor-management personnel, psychologists, welfare workers, community agency workers and others.
  5. Carries the Al-Anon message to institutions such as hospitals, halfway houses, treatment centers, jails, etc.
  6. Participates in any other activities that carry the message about Al-Anon/ Alateen to the public.

This year we are reaching out to the community an letting them know what Alanon Is and seeing if information is needed.  We will be proactive in our approach. 


Sharon will schedule speakers at outside venues.  They will also work with outside entities to arrange presentations.  She can be reached at this email addresses:



Telephone Committee - contact for our telephone line; coordinates those who respond to calls.


Amy will address issues surrounding the returning of phone calls or the schedule of those returning calls.  She can be reached at


Website Committee - maintains this website.


Cecilia will address any questions about website and fix any errors.  She can be reached at


Use MEETING FINDER to view times and locations most convenient for you!


View CALENDAR for anniversaries and other local and statewide events.


View ORDER LITERATURE to get group literature!


View HIGHLIGHTS for meeting updates and flyers.


View ALL ABOUT DISTRICTS for Districts' services.

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855-607-5223 to receive a call back from Al-Anon member